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Un-windy Uruguay


It hasn’t been really windy since I got home a couple of months ago, so I only have a few pics to share (most of them by Leandro Compare). Besides, we had some super fun light-wind sessions as the one shown in the video below. Season is starting and I really hope to score some […]

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Not just another trip…


A second Oceanmind Clinic Trip took place last june at Pacasmayo with great success. The group of people who joined me was AMAZING! and conditions didn’t dissapoint. Here’re some shots, most of them by Obri, for you to enjoy. Visit Oceanmind website and facebook page for more action pictures starring my trip mates!

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Zárate - Photo by Alexandra Vernal

It’s been a while since the last post!! A lot has happened since then. Here some action pics resuming the last months in Uruguay, Maui and Peru. Photo credits and spot on the pics description.

Acá dejo algunas fotos de últimos meses. Temporada en Uruguay y viajes a Maui y Peru. Créditos y lugar en la descripción de cada foto.

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Just a few pics from a successful AWT event… I’will try to get more asap.

Algunas pocas fotos del evento AWT el pasado mes de agosto. Intentaré conseguir más…

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Ocean Mind Trip – June 2012


After riding uncrowded peruvian waves for a couple of seassons I decided it was time to share the experience with more windsurfers. The first Oceanmind clinic trip took place last week at Pacasmayo and was probably the best trip I’ve ever made! Not only for the great windsurfing conditions but also for the people who […]

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La Barra, Uruguay – Winter or summer?


A solid NE forecast during winter season can not be wasted…
Pics by Obri.

Un buen pronóstico de NE durante la temporada de invierno no puede ser desperdiciado…
Fotos por Obri.

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Montevideo 27/03/12


Windiest day of the year so far…
Fotos taken by Leandro Compare.

El día más ventoso de lo que va del año…
Fotos tomadas por Leandro Compare.

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QueNoNiNo magazine has just published a fresh interview about my self and OceanMind projects. Take a look…

La revista QueNoNiNo acaba de publicar una muy buena entrevista sobre mi persona y los proyectos en relación a OceanMind. Hecha un vistazo…

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La Barra


Windy season is here! What else can we ask for?
Thanks Obri for taking the pictures once again.

Empezó a soplar! ¿Qué mas se puede pedir?
Fotos nuevamente gracias a Obri.

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New waterproof cam


New GoPro model looks great!

El nuevo modelo de GoPro está muy bueno!

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